Delivery Operational Dynamism

We have great competence to accelerate your customs cargo clearance process with a view to:

Reduce your clearing cost, time and demurrage cost
Work in close liason with your import documentation staffers to perfect import documentation before arrival of your cargo
Provide you with constant and timely information on statutory import document regulation to enable you plan and forecast with efficiency
Documentary Logistics(Import) Opening form M on your behalf, that is completing all statutory import documentations via the banks, the scanning and Risk management service Provider and Import regulatory agencies(e.g. Standards organizations of Nigeria etc)


The " Collection Order" shall stipulate that two sets of shipping documents will be produced by your suppliers; one set attached with the bill of exchange sent directly to your Nigerian bank where from M will be opened; the second set sent directly to YOU

This transaction will be operated from an escrow account "Escrow Account" with any bank of your choice or DOMICILLIARY ACCOUNT for non valid for exchange personal purchase abroad import with telegraphic transfer payment mode.

Physical Logistics Quick liason with the exporter or shipper to make arrangement for booking of vessels, container stuffing, shipment, Monitoring the ETD and ETA of the vessel.

Hold container at quay apron. Arrange for plant to move container to proximate terminal to the quay apron, in order to prevent Block Stacking.

Arrange for container handling plan to move container to scanning or examination base.

Arrange for container handling plant to Load container for exit

Lorry driver proceeds to your warehouse.

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