Form M / NXP
Form M is a monetary security control filling documents for every commercial import transaction to Nigeria. This enable government to control the import and export account balances.

Nigeria Export Proceed (NXP) form is equally a monetary control filling documents for every export from Nigeria.

The Commercial Invoice
Have a Commercial Invoice on hand- the commercial Invoice (link) contains a vast amount of detailed information about your product, its manufacturer, origin, destination, HTS code and more. This info is crucial for a customs broker clearing your freight .

Bill Of Lading / AWB
 This is the "boarding pass" from shipping line or airline that your freight is onboard their vessel or vessel. The "Arrival Notice' notifies us that you freight has arrived at port and is ready for clearing. An AWB/BL also provides a tracking number to locate your freight and shipping details

Harmonized Tariff Code
Mickey Excellency can find and classify the harmonized tariff code for you, but things move on easier if you have this information available on your commercial invoice, or enter it on our quote delivery invoice.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule-The HTS comprises a hierarchical structure for describing all goods in trade for duty, quota, and statistical purposes. Every item that enters the country has an HTS code. Having this code ready is extremely important for quick clearing of your goods through customs.